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Train Industry Air Horns Valves, Pressure Gauges and Locomotive Gauges

Marsh Bellofram supply the Train Industry with a range of products that include air operated horns, horn operating valves and pressure gauges. To compliment these we also offer an extensive repair, refurbishment and certification programme of either Marsh Bellofram products or those that are manufactured by other companies.

Air Horns:

Marsh Bellofram supply a range of air operated horns designed for installing into locomotives. They can be used to warn of potential hazards in areas such as mines, large buildings and process plants.

Robustly constructed in aluminium or brass they require a supply of compressed air and operate Using a low consumption of air. The Horns that Marsh Bellofram supply can be operated in all weather conditions and give years of trouble free service.Train Ind Prod

Air Horn Valves:

Marsh Bellofram supply an Air Horn Control Valve that can be used to control any two-way pneumatic alarm of a railway vehicle and is operated by the driver using a Lever that returns to the a central position when released and mounted on the control desk in the cabin

Locomotive Gauges:

Marsh Bellofram are a leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments some of which are specifically designed for use in the manufacturing of locomotives. Marsh Bellofram instruments are used throughout the world where accuracy and dependability are a priority.

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