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Schaffer Diaphragm Gauges

  • Stainless steel Schaeffer diaphragm gauge
  • Models ST / SCH
  • According to BS EN 837-3
  • Nominal sizes, 100 and 160 mm
  • Accuracy: Class 1,6

These heavy duty industrial gauges, are manufactured with either a steel case and bezel, [black-epoxy coated], or with a stainless steel case and bezel. General construction is with a heavy duty fully adjustable rotary geared movement, in stainless steel with an upper flange and block in 304 ST.ST and a lower process chamber in 316 ST.ST. Mounting connection is either threaded or flanged.


A convoluted diaphragm is clamped between two flanges. One side is pressurized by the process fluid, which deflects the diaphragm in proportion to the pressure. On the other side, a ball joint is fixed to the diaphragm and connected to the movement via a push rod, this transfers the diaphragm deflection to a pointer on the dial.


  • Rugged stainless steel case construction
  • Bayonet locking case and bezel
  • Protection to IP54 or IP65
  • Usable at full scale
  • Solid front bulk head with full blow out back
  • Over-range protection 130%
  • Ranges 0 – 40 mbar. up to 0…. 25 bar; 0 – 40 IN.WG. up to 0… 350 psi.

For the measurement of either gas or liquid. The fluids can be corrosive, polluted, or highly viscous. For the measurement of highly viscous, or crystalizing process fluids, a flange connection is used.

Liquid level measurement, fuel pumps, storage tanks, generators, concrete filling systems, paint filter presses, irrigation and sludge pumps, trucks, and sewage removal among others.


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