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Medical Gauges


Marsh produces a wide range of specialist pressure and temperature gauges for the medical equipment industry. These range from simple standard gauges fitted with custom dial faces to complete specials designed for specific applications. The range includes capsule gauges for high accuracy low pressure and vacuum applications, bourdon tube gauges for general and high pressure applications, cleaned gauges and isolated gauges for specialty/hazardous gases and liquids, bi-metallic and vapour pressure gauges with pockets or capillaries for temperature measurement. Our gauges are available in sizes ranging from 25mm to 160mm diameters in various accuracies and configurations.

We manufacture them in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, brass, steel and plastic and can supply dial faces with special scales and company logos.  Marsh Bellofram Group also make specialist electronic and manual gas/air pressure regulators for the medical equipment market for use in many of the above and other fields as well as rolling diaphragm seals for medical applications.

The applications are varied and there are always new challenges to solve presented to us but the current and past applications include the following:

  • Compound Gauges (pressure and vacuum) for respirator and critical care devices
  • Supply pressure gauges for the above and anesthesia machines
  • Contents gauges for portable medical gases
  • Gauges for medical gas regulators and distribution systems
  • Pressure gauges for angioplasty pumps
  • Ambulance applications
  • Suction pumps and controllers
  • MRI scanners
  • Insulflators
  • Autoclave temperature gauges


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