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Contact Gauges

  • Stainless steel case electrical contact units
  • Model EC (magnetic snap action)
  • Available for bourdon tube & diaphragm gauges, & gas filled thermometers.
  • Nominal sizes, 100 & 160 mm
  • Accuracy: Class 1 (bourdon tube)
  • Class 1.6 (diaphragm)

Magnetically assisted snap-action, interference contacts, which open or close a circuit when actioned by the instrument pointer. By means of a removable setting key, it is possible to alter the contact points to any position over the instrument scale. With a single contact the instrument pointer meets with the set limit contact, the touching pins giving the contact. With a double contact, this occurs at two set points. The magnetic attraction of the contacts can be altered by adjusting the magnet, by means of suitable driver, closer or further away from the contact pins.

The magnetic attraction and / or release always involves an interference in comparison with the set limit values, this is between 1 and 6% of the full scale value, depending on the intensity of the magnetic attraction.


  • Fully adjustable contacts
  • Built in behind the dial contacts
  • Deep stainless steel bayonet locking case and bezel
  • Suitable for bourdon tube or diaphragm gauge
  • Protection up to IP65
  • Usable at full scale
  • Sealed cable box
  • Ranges 0 – 40 mbar (diaphragm); 0-1000 bar (bourdon tube)
  • Petrochemical and chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Gas industry
  • Machine and apparatus construction


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